Monday, December 18, 2006

Why I never ask... dh to help with plotting.
I was staring vacantly at my computer testerday thinking about conflicts for my new medical and he asked what I was doing. So I told him - big mistake. Ususally his first question is 'is there a dog in it?' and he then outlines the plot for Lassie come home. Yesterday the conversation took a different tack.
'Is there a parrot in it?' dh
'It's a medical romance.' me
'you could have a talking parrot in it.' dh
'why?' me
'well, they could go to a house and somebody dies and one of them could inherit a talking parrot.' dh
'what happens then?' me
'I dunno, you're the writer.'

p.s for the record I don't think my new med will feature talking parrots


Jessica Raymond said...

LOL! How proud would he feel if a talking parrot actually did make it into the final cut? ;)

Jess x

Anonymous said...

ROFL!! I have to say, I can almost see a talking parrot in a Med - ahh, maybe that's what mine was missing!! ;-)

Sue :-)

Anonymous said...

Yes, my husband is spectacularly bad at helping me plot, apart from the one time when I asked him the best way to destroy the world. Should I be worried that he seemed to know quite a lot on the matter?

Anonymous said...

lol but just think of all the possibilities a talking parrot gives you :o)

Sela Carsen said...

Mine always asks if there's a dentist in it.

No. No dentists. He keeps waiting for me to reproduce that seen out of Marathon Man.

Kate Hardy said...

LOL that's too funny, Nell. Especially as we watched Pirates of the Caribbean again last night :o)

If it makes your DH happy, tell him there's a dog in the med I'm writing right now. A very important dog who plays a very important part. (It's a SARDA book - and said dog is based on the one who snores in my office.)