Sunday, December 03, 2006

Ready to post?

I'm halfway done. Tomorrow I'll go to the post with my overseas cards and parcels. I've nearly written the rest of my cards and they'll go at the end of the week. I love Christmas cards. I love choosing them and writing them out trying to match them to the person, some people get a little newsletter from us if they haven't seen us all year. I love recieving them too, especially if there's a snippet of news or a picture inside them.
The cards get more valuable to me as I get older. I love keeping in touch with my friends and extended family. It seems to be fashionable now to sponsor things instead of sending cards and that's very worthy but it doesn't touch the heart the way a card does and how do you know someones sponsored a goat on your behalf?
I buy a lot of charity cards because that for me meets both the requirements and I sponsor a star at the local hospice every year as our family donation.
What do you think?


Jessica Raymond said...

I always get charity cards, too. As far as I'm concerned there's no excuse for buying cards that *don't* contribute to charity. Need to start writing mine!

Jess x

Anonymous said...

I love writing cards and getting them too (except for my cousin's newsletter, she writes in third person -- so annoying!) I have to finish writing mine and get them mailed this week.

Nell Dixon said...

I spent £32 in the post office yesterday and that was just my mail for overseas lol. Think how many people I'm helping keep in employment! That wasn't all cards though - there were two packages in there as well.

Anonymous said...

*jaw drops* Wow!!! That's a bit and I'm sure postal workers everywhere thank you :D I have to start packaging things up to mail this wknd. Ah the fun of the holidays! :)