Friday, December 08, 2006

I'm almost done

with the wrapping and writing. I need to pack up another couple of parcels and stick stamps on my envelopes then that will hopefully be my last trip to the post office before Christmas, unless of course I get a request for Charlie - but I'm not holding my breath.
Things To Do still hasn't listed yet on Amazon but hey, it gives me something new to obsess over. I'm still trying to work out a good and cheap way of marketing Things To Do since most promo tips include 'call in your local bookstore and introduce yourself as a local author, offer to sign their stock'
Um, that one might prove tricky. Oh well, guess I'll have to rely on what my middle daughter calls word of earmouth. But if any of you knows a good promo tip, feel free to share.


Anonymous said...

Ah promo the fun side of writing! Can you arrange some chats? Do blog promo (like we did for Deidre's at diva's)? Do a q&a some place. Talk to RJ and see if there's something you could do on the loop, a day or something?

Jessica Raymond said...

Volunteer for a post day on the PHS?

Jess x

Caroline said...

Have you considered a virtual book tour? You give your book to a number of bloggers and they all post about it (trying to go outside of your usual blogroll)? It seems to work quite well.
Just an idea.