Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Busy, busy...

This week is so hectic. Tomorrow morning is our Christmas brunch at work. It sounds posh but basically it means we meet for a bacon sarnie. Then tomorrow night is our local writers group Christmas meal, so you can see me waddling by Thursday morning.
Thursday night is Boo and La's school nativity play. Then Saturday we've a party to go to. Phew! Normally I never get to go anywhere much.
This all means I probably won't get much writing done this week, but I'm on schedule for what I need to get done by Christmas. No news from M&B or Moonlit yet on my submissions. Things to Do is due to make it's print debut in 2 weeks time - eek! Still not listed on Amazon although my Samhain friend, Kim Rees, another UK based writer has found hers there. My other writing buddy, Donna Alward, who also has a release at the same time isn't listed either yet.
I've had so many people contact me to tell me I'm listed at Tesco.com it's really great. First Tesco and then the world!!!!! Bwahahahaha

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