Friday, December 01, 2006

In surprising places

Sometimes things crop up in the most unlikely places. My latest game seems to be finding Marrying Max in places I never expected. Tonight I discovered him at in large print as coming soon. Once I'd picked myself up from the floor I got quite excited.
I loved writing Marrying Max and I'm thrilled so many people will have the opportunity to read it. For readers in the US that opportunity will arise in the summer when Samhain release the 'e' book version.
I'm halfway through writing Making Waves and loving this story. It's bringing back so many happy memories of sunshine and summer.
My tbr pile is on the verge of teetering over at the moment though as I haven't had chance to read much the last few weeks. I'll have a lovely time working my way through them over Christmas. I've lots of goodies in there and I'm itching to get stuck in.
My village had it's annual light switch on tonight. Now most places have celebrities to turn on their Christmas lights. The bigger the place the betterknown the celebrity.
The celebrity for my village is a shire horse. Yes, a horse performs our big switch on and then gives rides to the kids. It's kind of sweet.


Olga said...

It's awesome about "surprising places." And I find the holiday tradition with a horse very lovely!

Anonymous said...

Yay on finding Max in more places. That must be fun :o)

Your village tradition sounds lovely!