Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Bounty bars and other happy coincidences

Bounty bars are the perfect shape and size to eat in two bites. Hence ideal for the car when I'm sprinting between visits. Sadly, Bounty bars are not good for the fluffiness issue so I only ever have one when I'm a) buying diesel, b)stressed, c)haven't had any lunch. Today I was all of those so my Bounty Bar really was a taste of paradise.
I had a nice message left for me today at Myspace, a lovely lady told me she'd gone to Barnes and Noble to buy Things To Do but the staff told her it had sold out so she ordered it. I had a little buzz of excitement when I read that - it would be so lovely to see it on a bookshelf in a shop. A few people have told me they've asked their local library to order it for them which is fantastic.
This week is hard as I'm on my own at work, lots of new babies which is nice, oh, and a clients dog has eaten the cable to my neonatal hearing screening equipment. I needed that Bounty lol
Tomorrow I get to go to weightwatchers with my friend, Susanne. Since I was banned from Rosemary Conley a few years ago I haven't really done the group thing so this should be interesting.


Allison said...

I adore Bounty bars. I'm not even going to ask about the banning incident.

Jessica Raymond said...

Banned from Rosemary Conley???

Jess x

Kate Hardy said...

Good luck with WW. (I remember making similar vows this time last year. Tip: if you feel good in what you bought for the Savoy now, you'll feel good on the day too.)

But I'm intrigued. (In fact, I'm desperate to know, now *g*) WHAT did you do to get banned from Rosemary Conley?

Nell Dixon said...

It involved a packet of lard, a man in shorts and music. Minds out of the gutter please!

Kate Hardy said...

That sounds like a Modern Extra synopsis!!!!
(My mind IS in the gutter. It's at that point of the book.) :o)