Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Love at the library part 2

Well, I'm back. It was an interesting morning and I chatted with some really nice people. I'm holding the draw later for people who took a free ticket to win a prize parcel of some goodies and a copy of Things To Do.
It was very heartening to see how popular romances are with book borrowers. I always knew they were but it was still good to see the proof with my own eyes. Lots of RNA members books being taken out.
I finished c2 of the medical partial and sent it to Jess, I've started in on c3. I also put down a little bit of a new project as I saw this great competition mentioned that I thought might suit this idea I've had buzzing around in my brain for a while now. Now if someone would just invent a few extra hours in my day I'll be just fine!

1 comment:

Lis said...

Glad the morning went well :o) And yay on finishing chapter 2 of the med!
If you find a few more hours in the day let me know where they are, I could use some myself *g*