Thursday, February 01, 2007

5 Things

Robin tagged me to blog five things people don't know about me. Since I've already done this twice I thought I'd make this five secret or not so secret things about my books.

1. One scene in The Cinderella Substitute was sparked by a phrase one of my Asda collegue's used in a story she was telling me one day during her break. The scene was the one where Jenni's mum is wandering the street.

2. Marrying Max was inspired by Jessica Hart's wonderful fake engagement stories. I longed to write one to see if I could create a believable situation.

3. Cue Me In was my first attempt at a spooky story, it's very much tongue in cheek and the castle in the story is loosely based on Corfe castle.

4. Fall in Love features Cornwall and surfers. We spend a lot of time in Cornwall and Devon. New Bay is fictional but has elements of lots of the seaside towns we stayed at. Check out our upcoming beach duet, coming out in May. Jessica Raymond and I have two new stories set in New Bay. You may recognise some of the characters.

5. The yacht in Things To Do meant I interviewed a yacht broker and had a personal tour of a million pound yacht.

If you want to do this, consider yourself tagged!

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