Sunday, February 25, 2007

Counting points

My friend dropped by yesterday and double-checked my point counting. I am being very virtuous but don't see anything happening in the fluffiness department yet. I can't believe one small fillet of smoked mackerel is 10 points - who knew?
I've rejigged my new medical synopsis again and feel a little better about it now. Almost completed the partial just over 1k to go and it's really starting to come together more now I think. Once I've done that I plan to dive back into Places To Go and get another 10k or so done on that. I'm also tinkering with another project that I might enter in a contest if I can get the first chapter finished in time for the deadline. It's another single title that I've been mulling over for a while. Unlike the medical it has a proper title - Blue Remembered Heels. I must get myself a title for the new med, I seem to have been calling it that forever.

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Lis said...

From my recent experience with fluffiness (luv that term *g*) its taken me a month of using the bowflex every day to notice some loss on my legs. Seems like for awhile there's no change then all of a sudden there's a noticeable change :o)
Hope you complete the partial soon :o) New idea sounds interesting, love the title!