Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Love at the library

Tomorrow is the meet the author, love at the library event. Since it's half term and as usual the local press are too busy taking photo's of primary school children picking up litter, if I see anyone other than a couple of retired folks, some kids who are out for a giggle and a dog I'll be happy.
I get very nervous about meeting people and talking about my writing. I wish I had someone else to hide behind. As it is I've dragooned eldest dd into coming as my assistant to persuade people to take raffle tickets for the free draw to win a copy of Things To Do and I've a supply of pens and postcards.
My wonderful friends at Wombourne writers have promised to drop by and so have some of my walk for health group (they are also supporting me in my quest to become less fluffy) So, if you happen to be in the vicinity of Wombourne Library tomorrow between 10 and 12 don't be shy - come and say hello - there's a free pen in it for you ;)


Lis said...

Hope tomorrow goes well :o) *hugs* And if I was closer, I'd definitely be there! *g*

Jessica Raymond said...

Have fun!

Jess x