Sunday, February 11, 2007

The Savoy and being 'fluffy'

Fluffy is a batcave term for carrying a few extra pounds. Or in my case, quite a few extra pounds. As the Savoy tickets arrived yesterday and I just booked our train I decided I needed to tackle my added fluffiness a little more severely. I don't over eat so a diet is tricky. I've cut down where I can and the fluffiness remains. (This is where Polycystic ovaries don't help in the fluffiness battle.)
I know that my problem is lack of exercise. Eldest dd and I went to a local health club today to try out the facilities and to see if I could justify the expense of joining. She, of course, loved it. My eldest is very keen on sport of any kind so it was her idea of heaven. I liked the pool, it was warm, had swim lanes and the hairdyers worked in the changing rooms. I can't see myself becoming a gym bunny however, to be honest, the gym scared me. It was so noisy with music playing and televisions everywhere, the machines all had to be set with numbers to program them - my idea of hell.
My GP has forbidden any kind of aerobic activity as my hip is not good so my other choices were limited. I'm too old, unco-ordinated and fluffy to trampoline so apart from the pool I'm thinking I probably wouldn't use the other facilities much.
Sigh - Eldest child and I discussed it at length and we decided to get the local leisure centre programme instead. If we can make at least two sessions a week there for six weeks I'll look at the posh club again.
In the meantime it's back to my trusty pedometer.


Janet said...

You could always try line dancing. It can be energetic as you like--all depends on how much effort and energy you put into it. I love it.

Michelle Styles said...

Walking is good basic exercise.

Fluffy is an excellent term.

I still need to make my transport arrangements...

I am looking forward to raising a glass with you -- fluffy or not.

Jessica Raymond said...

I agree with Michelle -- "fluffy" is a great word and walking works very well. You can also make a massive difference by looking at what you drink. I switched all our squashes to the no-added-sugar versions when we were on a health kick and that cut out so many extra calories. Watch fruit-flavoured waters, too -- they have lots of sugar in.

Jess x

Phillipa said...

Nell - I sympathise. I actually love exercise and got totally addicted to running which sucked off the pounds like a hoover. BUT I also got chronic tendonitis from it and when i tried to start swimming - I got an ear infection (!)So it's the walking boots for me at the mo. Good luck but you will look glamorous at The Savoy whatever, just as you did at the RNA party last year.

Nell Dixon said...

Hugs, Pip.