Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Bad blogger

Sorry all, I've been away for the weekend and couldn't get any net access. We spent the weekend at Chirk - one of my favourite places, we visited the NT gardens at Conway on the Saturday and then the belles came to join us on Sunday. Yesterday we went to Wroxeter to see the Roman ruins and then into Shrewsbury on the afternoon where my eldest belle decided she was getting her ears pierced. The two younger ones had theirs done ages ago but this is my chicken belle. They look very nice btw. Last night saw the most fantastic thunderstorm - it started at 7 and finally finished around 2am. Mother Natures fireworks at their best! Hopefully I'll get some pics up later this week.

Oh and Becka the beast went from Big Bro! Yes! Punching the air - now to see what happens this week - it's all getting very interesting.

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Phillipa said...

Hi Nell

I love Conway and that whole part of the world. Haven't visited Chirk yet - we're in the NT so it's on my list. Glad you had a great weekend and good luck with your research for Crystal Clear.