Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Thank you!

Hi, I'm Charlie, Abbeys sister and Nell asked me to stop by and say thank you to everyone who came along yesterday to help celebrate the release of Blue Remembered Heels. Abbey would have come back herself but she's too busy these days snogging the face off that policeman who kept following her around.
I mean, I'm only here because my fiance, Phillipe, (he's a footballer)has a pre season meeting with his agent. Not that I don't want to be here of course, I'm just saying - that's all. It was a good excuse to get dressed up.
Anyway, winners - ahem, Nell decided there were so many great confessions she'd give away two signed copies of Blue Remembered Heels so Terra 57 - the potty story and Judy Jarvie - the polo mint accident you win.
Door prizes of a selection of goodies goes to Janice and Ellen.
Nell says can you email your addresses to helen@ nell dixon.com (without the spaces) and she'll get them in the post.
I wanted a door prize, there are some really cute nail files and notepads and stuff - I like stuff
Well, thanks for coming, hope you enjoy the book.
love Charlie Gifford xx


Judy Jarvie said...

Cooooool! Thanks Nell (and Charlie). Makes the trauma of that aherm 'accident' feel a whole lot better now.
P.S. Thankfully I do not compete in polo sucking contests anymore.

Terra57 said...

Wohoo! Thanks so much Nell and I hope it made you laugh as much as it makes my family do so.