Thursday, July 24, 2008

Big Bro

So, I confess I love reality TV and I love Big Brother. I'm especially enjoying this year as the psychology kicks in. Becks making out with Luke because she's up for eviction. Darnell's mounting paranoia. Rex who pokes away at all of them getting them riled up. Poor annoying Sara with the funny nose who looks all dejected at being in Hell. Lisa with the wierd eyebrows, Katreya who looks like she's losing weight. Rachel, who I think is so nice. I could be friends with Rachel. Stuart, a man so in love with himself it's untrue. Dale, not the brightest bulb in the box and Mikey - boy is he annoying. Mo, eating everything in sight and Maysoon, the invisible woman.
Fab - loving it!
Who do you think will go - my money is on Mo unless Darnell does something really stupid. I'd like Becks to go as she's a whingy, whiney, waste of space and incredibly manipulative but I think she'll stay for entertainment value.

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Jessica Raymond said...

Don't know -- it's a close one! I think it will probably be Mo as Darnell and Bex are more entertaining. I do think she is tremendously annoying, though. She really got on my nerves on launch night when she screamed, loudly and repetitively, every time someone new entered the house.