Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Conference part 2

Where did I get to? Oh, yes, Saturday night's gala dinner. The menu was mushroom and hazlenut pate - luckily for me Kate Walker found out what it was before I tasted it and I got a plate of prawns instead - otherwise I might have been spending the night in A&E. Then we had duck with vegetables and a nice lemon pudding but no after dinner coffee which was abit of a let down. The food at Chichester was a bit mixed. Breakfasts were good but the rest was a bit meh. This years winner of the Elizabeth Goudge Trophy was Imogen Howson! yay! and our table was doubly chuffed as Brigid Coady came third. The wine flowed very freely. I had a most enjoyable chat with the Babe Magnet - as we fondly call Kate Walker's husband. Steve shares my passion for history especially the gorier bits so we always get to talk ghosts and hangings quite happily.
We then adjourned back to the bar where I had a lovely time talking and laughing with Kate Hardy.
Sunday saw some very hungover looking people at breakfast. Catherine Jone's talked about all the projects the RNA has planned for the fiftieth celebrations and then Jane Wenham Jones gave her talk which was so funny it brightened everyones morning. I missed the sessions that followed as my train was early.
When I decipher my notes and type them up I'll post some snippets on here. Be warned I am rubbish at notetaking so I may not have anything sensible.

In other news I went to Merry Hill today and my book was on the shelf in WH Smiths - squee!!! Under D for Dixon, looking like a real proper book. Wow!

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