Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Rain, rain go away

Wet, this global warming isn't it?
The eldest belle is away this week on a residential arts course so the house is relatively quiet. It's the usual end of term madness with the added excitement of the book launch for Blue Remembered Heels on Saturday. I'm also planning a party here on the blog on Monday - well, you can't ever celebrate good stuff too much can you? I now have dozens of things to obsess over and help me procrastinate instead of typing up the conference notes or working on Crystal Clear. I mean, I have to check my Amazon ranking and then I really need to talk to the lovely readers on Facebook who bought my book, and I must just go read everyones blogs about the conference and admire all the gorgeous pics.
Inspired by everybody's lovely clothes at the conference I've bought two new tops and two pairs of trousers for work and a lovely pretty top to wear at Waterstones on Saturday. That way even if I'm lonely I'll at least look good.


Biddy said...

I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed 'Blue Remembered Heels'!! It kept me gripped all the way home on the train :-)
Well done you!!!
I wish I could join you on Saturday.

Anonymous said...

With you on the weather. We have the annual summer!! barbecue Saturday evening.. sigh,,

Am I allowed to be totally thrilled and excited for you? Little wonder you have no time- and you always look terrific, so your launch should be marvellous.
Hope the sun shines on you today - Ray-Anne