Wednesday, July 23, 2008


The weather has been really sticky today, no sunshine just humid. Today was a work day and the traffic is always so much lighter when the kids are off school. It took me 25 mins today to get to work, usually it takes between 30 and 45 mins depending on the time of day - less if there no roadworks. I love my new job, I have a wonderful job share partner and a really good team of people. Lots of people have asked if I miss my old job and I do miss the clients, my Mom's and babies but I really don't miss the stress, the beaurocracy and the frustrations. I especially don't miss having to do my own job and someone elses and teach and support all at the same time.
I'm also working at becomming less Weeble like so you can expect updates as to how thats going. My lovely friends at Romance Diva's are going to be watching me so hopefully there'll be less chance of me slipping into bad habits. I'm hoping once I start the physio that I need for my hip that my mobility will improve so then I can walk more and do more exercise as that seems to be my biggest problem.

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