Sunday, August 17, 2008

Five go off to Devon

We leave for Devon tomorrow in our touring caravan to stay near Brixham. As I'm using Brixham as my setting for Crystal Clear this is a bit of a working holiday. I've loaded the caravan up with my nice new books, some nice wine, and bought healthy treat snacks so i won't wander off my new health regime too much. Now I need Mr Nell to finish work so he can come home and totally repack everything I've just packed and add in all his stuff.
I'm hoping to get some net access while I'm away as i found a nice internet cafe last time and I've invested in a wifi finder gadget.
I found out yesterday that WH Smith in Merry Hill had sold out of Blue Remembered Heels and Waterstones only had a couple of copies left which made me a very happy bunny.
I'm really looking forward to this holiday as I love Devon and I've been working hard lately in the day job - lots of exciting but massively big projects on the go! I'll pop in and post when I can - be good!!!
And if you can't be good, don't get caught.


Jessica Raymond said...

Have a fab time! Hope the weather holds out for you.

Janet said...

According to my family tree my ancestors moved from Brixham, in the seventeen hundreds. Often wondred what it was like

"...a wifi finder gadget."

I could do with one of those. What are they called?

Nell said...

I got mine at Aldi for £4.99 and I think it's called a WIFI finder. It looks like a car keyring - it's very good.