Saturday, August 09, 2008

This time of year

This time of year is very expensive - even worse than Christmas. Three lots of new uniform including extras like a blazer, tie, badge, labcoat, football boots, hockey socks, all new p.e. kit, swim stuff, trainers, shoes, bags, lunch boxes, stationary. Sigh - it's worse than Christmas.
On the good side my eldest belle's bedroom is almost done with being redecorated. She decided that the Laura Ashley pink ballerinas and glittery walls that she'd adored when she was seven were a touch passe now she's coming fifteen. So we're now cool creams and duck egg blue instead with no glitter in sight.
I'm still finding out my stuff for my taxes - usually I'm very good and have everything all put ready in one spot. I have no idea what happened this year but I suspect it was the upheaval over work when I was ill and when we changed the cars and caravan earlier this year. I'm gradually reclaiming my house and garden again now I'm feeling better and can have a life once more. I will get everything done in the next few days - I promise.

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Phillipa said...


We've got the LA pink balleinas too - and CJ is nearly 21! We just haven't been able to get through the flipping door ever since. One day...

btw just wait until they're at uni and the bills come with four figures on them...