Sunday, August 31, 2008

Big Bro

Final week! I'm finding it hard to pick a winner. I want Rachel to win, I think anyone who can get so much joy from eating baked beans and cheese is a real treasure. Plus she's nice. I like to see nice people win things. Sara the slapper is still there and Darnell needs serious psychiatric help. Mikey is strange and far too fond of dressing in skirts. Rex is well, Rex. Loved his winding up of the others but I don't want him to win. Mo would be a good winner. He's funny in a more understated way. Kat hams it up for the cameras too much and i think she should support Rachel much more than she does.
Who do you want to win?


Biddy said...

I'm with you on Rachel but I don't think it will be. Darnell is definitely in need of help! I don't want Mikey or Mo to win. Mo irritated me with his head of house uselessness about the task.
Kat does need to support Rachael more.
Rex makes me laugh, I want him in at the end but not to win.
And Sara... welll no.

Pat Posner said...

Can't comment on Big Bro, Nell, 'cos I don't watch it (weird, huh)!
But welcome home!