Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Why you should visit

There are so many great places to visit that sometimes we forget about the ones that are on our doorstep. For ages now I'd been wanting to take the belles HERE to the Avoncroft museum of buildings. Yesterday afternoon was a bit showery but we set off. It rained a tiny bit on the way but once there we had glorious sunshine and sadly there were only a dozen visitors there. This is a fantastic attraction and very reasonable, it cost £16.50 for five of us. Inside you can see the national collection of phone boxes - including a 'Tardis' my eldest belle has taken pics on her phone, tudor houses, a toll house, a chain shop, a nail makers, a vintage 1940's prefab, a windmill, a tin chapel, a Georgian earth closet, a dovecote and loads of other buildings. You can see an Edwardian showmans wagon, a fibreglass spire, an eighteenth century cell block and what's really great is you can go inside all these buildings, see how people lived and what they did there.
For a lover of architecture like me it's a dream place but just as a interesting day out it's great. There are lovely grounds for a picnic and they have lots of events there.
Support your local museums and see what you're missing.


Michelle Styles said...

Oh I love open air museums.
I thoughtit fascinating that yours has a restored cock pit. What is it like inside? Benches, area in the middle?
I am pleased that you had a good time.

Phillipa said...

Nell - thanks for reminding us about Avoncroft which is fantastic. haven't been for ages but I like the little toll cottage and windmill.fqui

Nell said...

The cockpit is really interesting. There are raised benches with a little kiosk affair in the top corner and anyone welching on a bet was suspended above the pit in a big wicker basket where the crowd could boo and throw things at them.