Monday, August 04, 2008


Today was my physio day. I had an assessment to see how much strength, movement and flexibility I have in my affected hip and leg. Umm, the answer to that turned out to be not very much.
The bursitis is still there and I've been told to watch what I'm doing as I could trigger an increase in the inflammation. I have some gentle stretches to do and some follow up appointments. Apparently I've lost a third of the strength, and flexibility in that leg. Guess that would be why it still hurts then.
In other news I finished chapter six of Crystal Clear and did I mention Animal Instincts is listed on Amazon for March 9th next year. I'm going to be shelf mates with the wonderful Phillipa Ashley! Yay!


Phillipa said...

Ouch indeed... I hope your exercises help, Nell. It's having the will and time to do them, that's the hard part too.

And I am so looking forward to being shelf mates. We must do something fun to mark that. :)

Pat Posner said...

Ouch, Nell
But you'll get it to rights, I know you will!