Tuesday, August 22, 2006

My book shop and more.

The book shop is back up at the Samhain site, it's now apparantly much better and faster. Several of my bat friends have books out this week so why not head over and check them out, you won't be disappointed. Look for Meg Allison, Sela Carsen and Amelia Elias.
I'm getting nervous now as Things to Do makes it's debut on the 29th of this month. So far I've no reviews so I just hope people will like the very English humour in the book. As soon as I know about a review I'll give you all a shout - assuming it's any good that is.
Charlie Darling continues apace, 16k to go, half way through chapter eight. I got my chapters back from Jessica so I've edited and incorporated her suggestions. I finished my NWS Crit but I want to let it sit for a day and read it cold so that I can be certain it's as it should be before I post it off.


Lis said...

Hope some reviews will appear soon. Did you send a copy to Romance junkies? I'm sure TTD will get great reviews! I thorougly enjoyed the draft I saw!!
Sounds like you're keeping busy, good luck on the final 16K of CD

Anonymous said...

How many crits do you get asked to do for NWS? Do you get any payment? It must be a great feeling to help asiring writers.


Nell Dixon said...

Hi Joanne, I think the number of crits depends on what gets sent in. The scheme is open to I believe 200 unpubbed members and the organiser tries very hard to match the ms to a pubbed author who writes and is pubbed in the same genre. There is a small payment but to do a good crit is timeconsuming and a tremendous responsibility. I spent 3 hours reading - and I speed read so that was two read throughs. Then two hours writing a detailed 5 page report offering constructive advice. I then spent another two hours ensurig I had done the best job I possiby could for that author.

Jessica Raymond said...

Sounds like you did a lovely thorough job, Nell. I bet the NWS member will be really pleased :)

Sela Carsen said...

Thank you, Nell! I haven't got any reviews, either. I'm trying not to worry about it, but I'm nervous.