Saturday, August 05, 2006

Normal service is resumed

I'm settling down a little now after everything thats been going on here over the last few weeks. I'm sure you can guess its not been very easy.
Writing wise I finished chapter three of Charlie Darling and thats now in Jess's in-box along with my re-tweaked versions of c1 and c2. I really appreciate having another pair of eyes looking at my work, Jessica often sees things I don't, did I mention I "heart" my cp?
I've also finished checking the galleys for Things To Do which is out on the 29th of this month. Samhain have jus sent me the corrected version so I can double check that they've made all the fixes (not that there were many)
I'm hoping to submit to Mills and Boon next week and then keep going on Charlie Darling until I hear one way or the other if they are interested. I may also do some more on my other twp projects. Places to Go and Damgerous to know if I get the chance.
I still have the medicals I bought to read. I started Gill Sandersons latest and I'm really enjoying it. I also just finally got chance to read Julie Cohen's Being a bad girl which I absolutely loved! If you haven't read it yet then try and get a copy - it's a modern extra so it's quite hot (I don't want to shock any of my lovely tender/sweet romance readers here by recommending something they might not be expecting!)
For now though back to cleaning out the Belle's wardrobes - a task which is not unlike painting the Forth bridge.
Many thanks for all the comments and emails I recieved following the loss of my grandmother in law, it has been much appreciated.

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Jessica Raymond said...

Aw, I heart you too! Talking about galleys is so exciting :) x