Saturday, August 12, 2006

When it's good.

Sometimes a story just flows, pours out of my fingers and onto the paper. I struggle to keep up with the pictures in my head and if forced to take a break I drive everyone nuts till I'm back on my laptop and in my own little world. Other times a scene will flow so slowly I'll do anything rather than write. I'll play spider solitaire, flit around the boards, tidy my files, anything.
But when the magic happens there's no other feeling quite like it, I'll read back what I've written and be amazed that it came from my head and my hands.
Charlie Darling is turning into one of those magic books at the moment, I just sent Jessica chapter four.
(Next week I'll probably be back playing spider)


Jessica Raymond said...

Yay! A very promising feeling, I think ;) x

Olga said...

Nell, I'm glad Charlie Darling is turning out to be one of those magical books! Sounds like you are on a roll!

Nell Dixon said...

Hoping it carries on! I'm halfway through chapter five now - yay!!! The nore I can get done before I hear something, the happier I'll be.

Lis said...

I second Olga, so glad CD is going so well :o) Like you said, its something special when a book starts doing that.