Tuesday, August 15, 2006


I'm 2k into chapter six. I can't believe I've written over 11k since Friday evening. The most amazing thing is I'm fairly happy with what I've written. The last time I wrote something so fast was when I had the request for Marrying Max and I wrote 16k in 3 days. I vowed then I'd never do that again. Oops!
I had a weird dream last night about Charlie Darling. I dreamed an editor called Susan at M&B had the submission and was debating whether to ask for the full. Is there a Susan at M&B??? I don't know of one. I worried a bit about it because I do get premonition dreams but I'm not convinced this was one of them.


Sara Hantz said...

Yay, Nell. You're rocking!!

Michelle Styles said...

I don't know of any editor in the HM&B office named Susan.
Sam, Sally, Sheila, Sarah but no, no Susan.
But there again what do I know?
My fingers are firmly crossed.

Jessica Raymond said...

I hope you're right! Remember my dream about you sending me a photocopy of a contract you'd got for a linked series?! xx

Lis said...

Wow you are on some kind of roll :o) I know there's a Susan in the NYC office, but that's the only one I know of.