Thursday, August 17, 2006


Cue the spooky music and X-files lighting. Okay, now you know I told you I get premonition dreams? and yes, I know that it's a bit freaky. Well, remember I said the editor who'd opened the letter was called Susan and Michelle said she didn't know of a Susan?
Jo Carr put up a new list of the editors at Mills and Boon today on the eharl board. There's a new name with the initials SH the same as my reference number and her name...... duhduh duuuurm

Suzanne Harding

Okay, are you freaked yet?


Ray-Anne said...

Hi Nell. That is spooky - perhaps yourself and Julie Cohen could corner the psychic romance market? EEK! A plead for help please - I am not quite up to speed yet on all of the e-harlequin fora and boards. Can you please direct me to the board you mentioned which lists the HMB editors? Many thanks in advance Take care. Ray-Anne

Nell Dixon said...

Hi Ray-Anne, go to eharl, then click Harlequin series romance, it's in the blue box top right of the screen listed with cafe social etc. When you get there go to M&B Q and A with the editors thread and you'll find it in there.

Nell Dixon said...

Karin Stoecker, editorial director

Harlequin Romance
Kimberley Young , senior editor
Meg Sleightholme, assistant editor

Harlequin Presents/Mills & Boon Modern/Mills & Boon Modern Extra
Tessa Shapcott, executive editor
Suzanne Harding, editor
Bryony Green, senior editor Modern Extra
Sally Williamson, editorial assistant

Harlequin Historical Romance/Mills & Boon Historical Romance
Linda Fildew, senior editor
Joanne Carr, assistant editor
Maddie Rowe, editorial assistant

Harlequin Medical Romance/Mills & Boon Medical Romance
Sheila Hodgson, senior editor
Jennifer Hutton, assistant editor
Lucy Brown, editorial assistant
In fact here's the list!

Amanda Ashby said...

OMG - Nell I just adore stuff like that, absolutely amazing!

Ray-Anne said...

Many thanks for such a quick response Nell. Much appreciated :)

Meg Allison said...

Very cool, Nell!

I don't suppose you've dreamt of my book selling thousands of copies, have you?

Sigh, didn't think so. ;)


Nell Dixon said...

I wish I could control these things but unfortunately not.

Kate Walker said...

Nell - Suzanne H was my editor some years ago - then she left M&B and now she's back working there again.

She's lovely so I hope your premonition dream works out for you! I have my fingers tighty crossed that another of my 'ex-virgins' will be published by M&B. I'd love to see your name on a Medical

Good luck!



Lis said...

One word - SPOOKY!!! :o)

Jessica Raymond said...

Oooh! Bodes well, I feel :) x