Tuesday, August 08, 2006


The first two chapters are shiny, and Jess is casting her expert critting eye over c3. The synopsis is done and I've a new ink cartridge ready for the printer, so with any luck Charlie Darling will be out of the door by Friday.
I've started chapter four and plan to get as much done as I can by the time I hear back one way or the other on Charlie Darling.
Work is still busy as my colleague is on holiday, plus it looks as if I'll be having a student again from the start of October up till Christmas. There are so many problems at work it's hard to know where to begin at the moment. It's not just our trust but nationwide, I've never known staff be so demoralised and fed up as they are at the moment. My job is secure till June 2007 and thats as much as I know.


Anonymous said...

That gives you until June 2007 to become a full-time M&B writer! What's the betting you've found your niche with the MedicalRomances? Your job must spark all kinds of plot ideas.


Anonymous said...

Oh, I forgot to tell you. I loved reading "Marrying Max"

My favourite part was right at the end when Emily says: 'Look,Mummy, they're kissing. you won't have to bang their heads together now.' So funny.


Lis said...

As Janet said, maybe by then you'll be a full-time writer :D Best of luck with Charlie Darling!

Jessica Raymond said...

Agh! I don't have C3... Did I miss an email? :/