Sunday, August 20, 2006

Still writing!

I just finished chapter seven of Charlie Darling, 18k to go. I know I'll need to go back and rewrite some chunks when I edit, but the plot is working and the middle of the book is holding up nicely. I think I'll need to look more deeply into the medical content and make sure there's enough there but I'm fairly happy with how it's going.
Thanks to everyone who's been so supportive as I've whinged and angsted my way through this.
I'm getting the belles stuff ready to go back to school. They all have new shoes, haircuts, and uniform. Nit to mention lunch box's and bags. The only slight snag is I'm not sure exactly when they do go back. Neither of the school websites has the details. I have Monday 4th doem for Boo and La but they never usually go back on a Monday so I'm worried I may have that wrong and there's nothing down for Shaggy. Sometimes dyscalcula is a big pain in the neck - guess I'll have to find out from the girls friends when they're supposed to go back. It wouldn't be the first time I've sent them back too soon.


Lis said...

Yay, so happy for you that CD is going so well!

Phillipa said...


Glad Charlie Darling is doing so well.