Saturday, November 18, 2006

Broken glass and happiness

We went out for a meal last night with friends. We don't manage this kind of thing often enough and we were really looking forward to it. Our friends parked their car on the road at the top of our drive. We live on a tiny estate of aprox 100 houses on the arse end of nowhere. We left to walk to the pub which is a few hundred yards away at 8.30 we walked back at 10.40 and sat in our lounge which face the street drinking coffee and chatting. The lights were all on, the curtains open. At just after 12 our friends went to leave and some one had smashed the passenger window and stolen the sat nav from the glove box.
We can't believe none of us heard anything or saw anything or that the car alarm didn't go off. The car is a company one as is the sat nav and no one was hurt but it spoiled what had been a really lovely and much needed break for all of us.

Happiness came in the form of a postcard this morning from my large print publishers telling me that Marrying Max will make its large print debut in March 2007 with the isbn 978.184617.680.7


Jessica Raymond said...

That's creepy... I'm glad everyone is OK.

Great news on Max! :)

Jess x

Janet said...

Great news on MM. Do PFSC have an ISBN number too?

Olga said...

Nell, hugs on evening spoiler, and lots of congrats on your print debut!

Anonymous said...

That's horrible, what a way to end an evening.

Congrats on MM, wonderful news my dear :o)

Nell Dixon said...

OMG! It's up for preorder on Amazon already! no cover but it's there - wow! Things to Do is out in a few weeks and thats not up yet.