Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Good things happen... nice people. My friend Lis, has won a crit by Dierdre Knight! How cool is that? Romance Diva's held a little draw and Lis's name came out top for a three chapter crit.
No news on either of my submissions but Making Waves is going well. I'm really having fun with it and I think Cassidy and Josh will be a really good couple once she stops being uptight and he stops being too laid-back.
My edits are due anytime for Be My Hero, my January release from Moonlit Romance. It'll feel wierd working on it again as I finished it in March and haven't touched it since. Nathalie's story was so emotional for me, I'm hoping the time it's spent resting will let me see it with fresh eyes and Laura is wonderful at picking out where I need to tweak.
I can't wait to see my cover. If you haven't checked out the Moonlit site then go look at the covers there. They are so beautiful. Patti and Joann have a wonderful one again for their December release, Goody-two-shoes and the Grinch. Go and see, Sheila does such a great job with them.
Today was unusual as my student was with colleagues and I was on my own for the first time in a while. I had to go to Kinver this morning and it was so lovely driving through the woods this morning in the sunshine. Pools of gold lit up foliage with that glorious bronzy-pink colour that only happens in Autumn. The Silver Birch shimmered against the fir trees like ghosts and squirrels played on the grass verges. The sky was blue but with a misty quality that made the folds of the hills seem crisper in a landscape fresh from the hands of God.


Phillipa said...

You make Kinver sound so gorgeous...
Sorry to be more prosaic, but I just found out you had been identified as 'spam' by my site filter.:0 I have restored you to your rightful place.

Anonymous said...

I still have to pinch myself when I read the email back from Deidre, once the partial's sent I'm spending the wknd deciding what to send off for the crit.
Fingers crossed for good news on the submissions :o)
Sounds like a lovely drive!