Sunday, November 12, 2006

Party hardy

I promised Boo, my almost 10 year old I'd take her and a couple of friends to the pictures and then to Pizza Hut for her birthday next Sunday. Now on paper this seemed a great plan, what could be simpler? Loads of films out for kids, right?
Er, well no. There are films out now but they all finish on the 13th or the 16th. The Christmassy films don't start till December. Result - complete absence of kid friendly films over her birthday - sigh.
So we went today and saw Hoodwinked - which was very funny - and ate our body weight in pizza.
The net has been rubbish now for a week, very slow and then not up at all. Writing wise I have 1k to go on c9 then it's the last chapter of Dangerous to Know. I'm running behind but it's been a busy week.
I heard from a researcher too this week, apparantly she read on here about my tinsel allergy. At least she didn't crack tinsel jokes lol.


Anonymous said...

Wishing a happy birthday to Boo!
Yay on DTG, getting close :o)

san said...


sahil said...

nice blog u did a great job

sahil11 said...

Excellent. I will add this link to our Resource centre website - you've done a great job.

Jessica Raymond said...

Happy birthday Boo! :)

Jess x

Dayna_Hart said...

Ooh we watched this just th'other week ourselves. my boys were nearly piddling themselves over the chipmunk. (kids are 2, almost4, and 9. Few movies manage the agespread, and that one managed to include Hubby and I in the giggles, too!)

Just thought I'd stop and say hi, in any case :)