Thursday, November 09, 2006


5K to go on Dangerous to know, I fully intended to write tonight but I'm struggling to stay awake. Work is still being a PITA but I won't bore you all with a whinge.
Instead I'll tell you about my ebay experience. Last year I won a vacuum cleaner in a raffle at my daughters dance school. I've never used it as it's really meant for a workshop or car valet type work. So I decided after falling over the box yet again that I'd put it on ebay. Now as you all know I am so pushed for time and so plain knackered I didn't want to post it - it's a big box - so I put local collection only.
Simple, huh? Except apparantly - No.
I have been asked to post it to Lancashire, Yorkshire, and the one which really stumped me - Norway!!!!


Anonymous said...

Okay now that is just plain odd. Norway... wow, just a wee bit out of the way :o)

Olga said...

Hugs on the job being PITA, and hmmm about the Norway. Anyway, I hope your experience with eBay will turn out to be a good one.

Kate Allan said...