Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Blind as a bat

Yep, that's me. I had my annual eyetest yesterday and I knew my eyes had deteriorated but even my orthoptist was surprised by how much. So, I now need new reading glasses and some for distance/driving. The lady in Boots seemed to have trouble understanding that adult glasses just don't fit me. She was so worried that I should take advantage of the two for one offer she didn't notice that the arms of the glasses were sticking out the back of my head like TV ariels or that the glasses kept sliding off my face where they were too wide.
I finally got to try on the kids glasses and as usual they were a perfect fit. The nice lady was mollified when she realised that the price of two pairs of kid frames and the lenses was about the same as I would have paid for the two for one offer on the designer frames.
A few weeks ago I won the arc of my good friend Amanda's new book - You Had Me At Halo
I've been wanting to read it for ages and this weekend I finally did. The book is just so Amanda and so great! I think it's out in September and you all have to rush and get your copy as soon as it's out. Trust me - it's a really good read.

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Amanda Ashby said...

Thanks Nell, you're an angel!!! Have a great break and all fingers and toes are crossed that you come back to some rocking news!!!