Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Write on

I'm cracking on with Blue Remembered Heels. Still no news from M&B but I know Maddie is really, really busy so I just try not to think about it. Today I'm mailing a copy of Marrying Max, Things To Do and the partial of Blue Remembered Heels to an agent who requested them by phone last week.
Galleys are proofed for A Taste of Summer which releases on Friday!!!!! Yay!
Galleys are due from Samhain soon for Marrying Max e book version. Then I'm clear of edits till November as Dangerous to Know is a December release.
I've left my medical partials until I hear about Charlie Darling. I've loads of ideas for medicals but it's such a limited market if Charlie doesn't get taken up by M&B, and there are no guarentees, I can't afford to invest time in them. Of course if Charlie does sell then I'll be sooo happy to get going again.


L.K. Campbell said...

I know it's hard to be patient. I'll cross my fingers (and toes) for you that you'll hear something soon.

Michelle Styles said...

Well you know how tightly everything of mine is crossed for you!

Hooray that you are cracking on with Blue Remembered Shoes. ANd have posted things out to an agent!

Phillipa said...

Good luck with all your projects Nell but I'm sure that several, if not all, of them will very shortly come to fruition!

Lis said...

Fingers crossed for good news soon :)

Amanda Ashby said...

Fingers crossed for your agent submission, Nell and everything else is crossed for Charlie Darling. Goodness it's almost a year ago since conference when you first stumbled out of your pitch with a dazed expression on your face and muttering 'er, I think I've just promised to write a medical...'

Nell Dixon said...

Yeah, I remember that pitch! The pitch I didn't go into make lol.