Sunday, May 13, 2007

Wet, wet, wet

No, not the group - the weather. We all got pretty soaked today hitching up the caravan to come home from our weekend at the seaside. Luckily the motorway was quiet as there was a lot of surface water and the rain was torrential.
We had a near miss when we were almost home when some moron in an orange car decided to cut us up on the island. Mr Nell thought he'd hit us as the orange car appeared to sport a large dent but Baby appeared undamaged - not that Mr Orangecar moron stopped to see. He pretended he was going to pull over then sped off. The belles were shaken up but are okay now. We stopped off at the policestation and reported him.
We went to Burnham for the weekend as a prebirthday treat for La as she'll be 9 next weekend. We had dinner at La Vela, our favourite restaurant on the Friday night then spent Saturday shopping at Street. I spent some of my romance prize money on a new bag for my laptop. Not just any bag though and I know Kate Hardy will like this - a Radley laptop bag. There's a Tula outlet shop and I have the most gorgeous laptop bag for a bargain price.
La bought a new top, converser shoes in blue polka dots and more Sylvanian family stuff so she was very happy.We had lunch at a nice pub then hit the heady arcades of Burnham to win stuff on the 2p fall machines followed by a barbecue and eurovision party.
How did Serbia win?! The Ukraine was robbed!
The perfect birthday treat weekend as far as La was concerned.


Olga said...

Hugs on the near hit, and congrats on the bargain! And sounds like you had a great day, Nell!

Lis said...

Glad you're all okay and weren't hit!! Wishing La an early happy birthday :)

Kate Hardy said...

Glad you weren't hit! ... and I'm green with envy on the Radley laptop bag. :o) Good for you, treating yourself - you deserve it.