Friday, May 11, 2007

N.B to Ocado

Dear Ocado,
Please can you ensure that we have the cute young driver to deliver our groceries next time? I know this is a strange request but my eldest daughter is wasting valuable lipgloss and hair products only to be disappointed when someone else delivers.
It also means that her enthusiasm to help me put away the groceries diminishes considerably when the driver is not the 'hot' guy.
Yours sincerely, Harrassed mother of three.


Jessica Raymond said...


We tried home delivery from Asda a few weeks ago and it was fine, but the drivers were clueless and moody. We're going to have a go with Sainsburys next.

Jess x

Cindy K. Green said...

That was hilarious,Nell. Gave me quite a chuckle. :D


Lis said...

hehe, I feel for her :)