Sunday, May 20, 2007

Lazy Sunday

I wish - today is La's birthday. Miss, now 9 years old, had us all up early to open her presents. She then dragged her Dad off to Merry Hell to spend her money on a DS Lite. We go on holiday Friday with friends so this weekend has been a whirl of cleaning, sorting out stuff, birthday and paperwork.
Blue Remembered Heels is still going really well but I need to do a little research before I can finish my current chapter. The agent emailed me Friday to say she had my package - so more nail-biting. I know it's going to kill me if I don't hear from M&B this week as once we're away my email access will be very limited and I'm one of those few people who doesn't use a mobile phone. I do have one but it's never turned on and only about five people have the number. Oh well, I suppose news keeps - good or bad.
I'm looking forward to my holiday, we're off to Wales to Keeston, which is a small village between Haverfordwest and St Davids. The Belles are really excited as our friends daughters are going too. Yes, this is the girlfest holiday. So beach, shopping, barbecues and castles here we come. Can't wait!


Anonymous said...

Nell, I know you like Miss Snark. Have you heard the sad news?

Miss Snark has retired

"Two years; two million hits; yes, Miss Snark has run out of new things to say."


Lis said...

Sounds like a lovely holiday :)

Kate Hardy said...

Happy birthday to your daughter for yesterday. Recommendations for DS Lite games: Nintendogs (it's just fabulous) and Princess Peach - my littlie really likes it, and as she has similar tastes to your daughter... :o) Super Mario Bros has some excellent 'mini games', too; but the one I like is Big Brain Academy as I think it's good for developing memory and mental arithmetic and 'thinking round corners' (and, speaking as someone who loathes playing these "pick em up" games - I love playing this one).

Fingers crossed you hear soon; and have a lovely holiday.

ChrisH said...

Hi Nell, just catching up with your blog via Liz.. you won't be far away from me on your hols this week.

Phillipa said...

Hi Nell

Hurrah! I got a new blooger account (for the technologically challenged!).

Glad you had a good break.