Thursday, May 24, 2007

Weighty stuff

Yep, tonight is weightwatchers. I'm hoping I'll have lost half a pound so I can mark my stone but somehow I don't feel confident. I've been virtuous so I should have lost but I don't feel as if I have.
My final line edits are done for the e book version of Marrying Max and are back with my editor. I still have yellow highlighting and comma splices dancing around in front of my eyes but I can't wait for June 19th when it'll be out.
Don't forget the contest Jess and I are running for A Taste of Summer - pop by our websites and enter.
Over on My Space I have a new author spotlight posted - go meet Connie Keenan.
Tomorrow is supposed to be my day off so I can pack for the holiday but as I'm still covering the extra caseload I have to go in for a meeting.

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