Monday, September 03, 2007

Exeter Cathedral

I wanted to use my photo's but I can't find the camera lead so I've borrowed these from the cathedral website. This one is simply stunning. The cathedral was founded by the Normans on or near the site of an earlier anglo saxon church. However the majority of the building is in the early decorated period. Hence the fantastic stone work.
It boasts a huge nave with high gothic arches all of which are decorated with highly ornate bosses. You can view them using little trolleys with mirrored tops to save the strain on your neck.
This one was recoloured in 1975 and depicts the murder of Thomas a Beckett. We had a wonderful afternoon looking around the cathedral. I loved the spectacular Elizabethan tombs complete with sixteenth century graffitti. The guides were friendly and helpful and the building is just superb.

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Kate Hardy said...

Fabulous pics. I love Exeter cathedral. But what I love even more is what it contains... a certain Old English book known as 'The Exeter Book'. I can get VERY boring on the topic so let's suffice it that I believe it contains the first written love story in English.

(My husband had to peel me off the display cabinet. I would really, REALLY like a facsimile copy. Hmmm. ABE beckons...)