Sunday, September 30, 2007

Losing what's left of my mind

I've been attempting to clear out my office this week. I had some stupid idea that seeing as I had this really nice office I should actually clear the crap out of it and start using it. In the course of my clearing I found two full manuscripts, both completed - in longhand - in my writing. I don't remember writing either of them!! I have no clue when I wrote them except I'm assuming they must have been done sometime after the eldest belle was born, before I had computer access.
They are both very 'Presents' in tone but I really cannot recall doing either of them. Does this mean I've gone completely bonkers?
Sadly, I don't think either of them are usable - the passage of time hasn't been kind to them and I hope my writing has improved since then. I'd love to find my first epic - a sci-fi sensual romance - which I think owed much to the fabulous Andre Norton.

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Ray-Anne said...

Hi Nell - tidying your office takes HUGE courage. As for the manuscripts? Well my old brain cell had to move somethings into storage to make room for the new exciting stuff!
And, if you want to see a truly horrendous 12 day office clear out, from 20 yrs plus of hoarding, get yee to Jenny Cruise's site. Those photos will make your office seem gleaming in comparison I am sure -

Have fun - and I loved Andre Norton too!