Thursday, September 06, 2007

Strange day

Today was always going to be difficult. My mom went back to liverpool to see her consultant for her one year follow up from the treatment for her retinal cancer. If the tumor hadn't stabilised and become sterile then we knew there would be very little that the Professor would be able to offer in the way of treatment.
Fortunately, the treatment has worked and the tumor has been halted.
Unfortunately, the local hospital which was supposed to provide interim care have stuffed up. Mom has glaucoma and they haven't treated the pressures in her eyes which are now really high. This explains the deterioration in her vision. Her consultant is not happy and has made her an urgent appointment and given her temporary treatment to last unti they see her.
But glaucoma doesn't kill you - so while it's not all good, thank God it wasn't all bad.
I had a long chat with my agent tonight too. I wasn't aware that my deal with Little Black Dress had been reported in the trade papers. Eek!
I'm still polishing, almost at my target word count now and I expect by the time it's been through all the processes and edits it will easily sit in the required range.
I told my agent about my dyscalculia. It's very odd, I've blogged about it and all my family and friends know and understand how it affects my life but it's still very hard when you have to explain to someone who you are working with as a fellow professional that you can't do the things that many people take for granted.
It's not that I'm stupid. Although when I was a child, especially at primary school I often thought I was. I have eleven O levels, I have A levels, and a string of professional qualifications but I can't tie a bow or read a digital clock easily. I struggle to operate a calculator, I can't text, I forget my phone number, I don't know my car registration plate and I lock myself out of my office as it has a number code lock on the door.
So, I can't deal with contracts or accounts on my own. I try, but no matter how hard I try I have to accept that it's something I cannot do. One of my teachers once said, 'Helen can do anything if she puts her mind to it' and for the most part, I can, but not numbers.
So, I swallowed my pride and admitted my difficulty. I'm very lucky to have someone so understanding.


Michelle Styles said...

I knew he was the right agent for you.
Hooray that he understands.

And hugs to your mother. Fingers crossedthat it all gets sorted quickly with the glaucoma.

Phillipa said...

Nell - so glad there is good news about your Mum and hope her glaucoma is treated swiftly. Of course your LBD deal would be in the trade papers... :) Enjoy the attention and love to your mum.

Kate Hardy said...

Hugs, Nell. Been a tough day for you. Glad your mum got the all-clear and fingers crossed they sort the glaucoma quickly.

And GOOD FOR YOU on admitting to your difficulty. It's hard but it does make life easier. I'm always a bit chary about admitting that I'm deaf (because I hate people treating me as if I'm stupid - I have had to remind people it's a physical rather than a mental problem!)... but once I did and I got the hearing aid, life was transformed.

Julie Cohen said...

That is great news about your mum.

And good for you for starting off on the right foot with your agent. You're a true professional.

Christina Phillips said...

Nell, I'm so glad your mum got the all clear. That's such a relief for you all. Hope everything goes well with the glaucoma treatment. xx

Jessica Raymond said...

*Hugs* for your mum. I'm so glad she's got the all-clear and I hope the glaucoma treatment happens quickly and painlessly. *Hugs* for you, too.

Jess x

Anonymous said...

Oh, Nell, it's great news that the treatment has worked. Fingers crossed they get the pressures sorted, too.

Hugs to all

Lis said...

Good news about your mom. Hoping they'll be able to treat her quickly.

Wow, so cool your deal was reported in the trades! How exciting :o)