Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Moving on up

My middle belle goes to the eldest belle's high school tonight for the official look around. She's very excited about that. Youngest is also coming as she is only a year behind so her turn will roll around faster than I like to think. Although Boo will probably end up at the same school as her big sister we wanted her to have the same opportunity to compare that our eldest had.
La has already informed us that she wants to go somewhere else - sigh. Maybe she'll change her mind, she may have to.
I just hope they won't be disappointed - High School Musical has a lot to answer for.

Writing wise I now have a very rough synopsis for Animal Instincts and a growing file for another project. Thursday, I'm meeting Allison for coffee - yay!


Mel said...

I'm not thinking about my daughter getting to high school yet. That'll mean she's in puberty and I'll have to start paying for a bodyguard.

Lis said...

Ah I remember looking around the high schools, I think that was the highlight of my high school years lol

Yay on the synopsis! Have to tackle that myself this week. :(