Monday, September 10, 2007


You ever have a day when someone thinks they're doing you a favour but really they aren't? Sigh, My colleague is moving caseloads on Oct 1st, so guess who will be doing double duty on the caseloads again?
I'm happy for her because the travelling is awful for her but I think I'd better not put down here how I feel about TPTB and the short notice. I shot my mouth off enough this morning.
Then tonight my laptop managed to somehow disconnect the internet - argh!!!!
But, on the bright side, Blue Remembered Heels is done, polished, up to the wordcount and winging it's way through the ether to my new editor at Little Black Dress. I hope she likes it.
Next job is to polish up my non fiction chapter for the Christian Women's Devotional book and send that off to my other editor.
I have a new file open for Animal Instincts and I plan to spend this week working out the plot. I have a pretty good idea what I want to put but I need to clarify it in my mind and write a synopsis.


Lis said...

*hugs* on the work troubles, hope everything sorts itself out.
Just wanted to say, you amaze me with your writing! My gosh :o)

Janet said...

Yes, you amaze me too! You have a harrowing day at work (often!) yet manage to come home and write for several hours when you must be tired and stressed. And manage to come up with all sorts of wonderful ideas.

Your motivation is terrific.

Do you set yourself a daily word count target?

liz fenwick said...

Ditto Nell, you amze me too!!!!