Thursday, September 27, 2007

Reading for Pleasure

I'm looking forward to hearing the radio four programme on Mills and Boon this morning. It'll be interesting to see if they drag out the old tired cliches or if they actually talk about what the books mean to the people that read them.
M&B books cop for a lot of flack, usually from people who haven't read one or from the pseudo-intellectuals who find it somehow demeaning to read romance.
I make no apologies for my love of M&B. I read for PLEASURE - hello? does any one remember that? I'm reading them because I love a happy ever after, because I want a well-crafted story that makes me smile, makes me cry, transports me from whatever grey spot my day holds to somewhere sunnier and happier.
I don't read M&B to improve my mind - although I've learned a huge amount about other cultures, places, languages, history and of course, about relationships, from them.
I read them because when I lost my first five pregnancies, went through hours of painful medical treatment, years of fertility treatments, and the trauma of numerous surgeries they were my rock. They made me feel better, happier, they took my mind away from my worries.
If you haven't read a M&B then pick one out today. There's something for everyone, from the steamier Blazes, medical romances, alpha heroed Presents and true to life romances. Surprise yourself - read for pleasure.


Ray-Anne said...

Completely agree with you Nell. What a horrible painful time it must have been for you and your family - please accept my sympathies.
I do completely identify with how the chance to become engrossed in a short read/another world can make such a difference. I've seen it for myself.
Did you notice the mention on the Blog Bash on E-Harlequin on the 22nd Sept from Kasey Michaels who came to HMB through the children's intensive care ward where her son was being treated?

Authors like yourself and Kasey might have something to say to those who denigrate the achievement of bringing a little happiness into so many people's lives.
I don't think there could be any higher purpose than that, and I know I would be thrilled if another human being found some comfort from their personal trauma in the lives of the characters I create on the page.
That is the author's job - and it certainly is not easy.
Rant over.
I will listen to the programme but it will not change my views a jot.
Take care, Ray-Anne

liz fenwick said...

(((())))s Nell.

I've read the program was ok. I'm going to try and catch on play back.
I read for pleasure provides enough of the other stuff.