Monday, September 01, 2008

When it's good...

Physio today - hip is very sore so I have an extra session on Friday and some new exercises to try. Good conversation with my agent about the direction of my work so we'll see how that all shakes down but very positive vibes. I feel really energised and good about my writing at the moment, tons of research pics to download so I may share some of those in the next few weeks.
I also just got a fab email from a writing friend and she has exciting news but my lips are sealed until she spills the beans herself - but I am over the moon for her because I know how hard she works and it is so deserved - squee!!!

Anyway on to the important stuff - Rachel to win Big Brother - Nice people rule!!!

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Phillipa said...

Sorry about your hip (hugs) but hurrah on all the positive writing news. I can't wait to catch up with the gossip tomorrow evening.