Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Blog Party 3

Hi, It's me, Clodagh again. I love all the animal stories, don't forget you can still enter today too. I've got tons of animal stories but Nell said I wasn't eligible. Keep dropping by as there are tons of goodies coming up.
Look out from Friday, Saturday and Sunday for a whole host of Little Black Dress authors who will be dropping by with excerpts and some prizes, Julie Cohen, Kristin Harmel, Caprice Crane and Phillipa Ashley, amongst others are just some of the guests - exciting!

Anyway today I promised another excerpt from Animal Instincts: This is the scene when Marty, my sister's agent appears to try and bail her out of the mess she got into on the chat show -

The sound of another car barrelling up the private track and into the yard was a good indication that today wasn’t shaping up to be particularly lucky. This time the car in question was a trendy little hot hatch in bright red. Or, at least, it had been bright red before it got coated in dust from the lane.
I watched as Immi’s agent emerged from the car wearing a peacock-blue silk suit and shoes so high they would give any normal person a nosebleed. She crushed her cigarette beneath the toe of her stiletto before opening her boot to pull out one of Immi’s pink suitcases. This was not a good sign - it looked as if Immi would be staying.
“Marty!” My sister deafened me with a yelp of delight at the sight of her agent.
I left Immi in the kitchen and went to help Marty with the case. It turned out she’d packed more than one. It definitely looked as if Immi would be with me for much longer than either one of us really wanted.
“Bloody awful journey. Traffic was terrible. Is she in the house? No press? Good-oh.” Marty picked up a pink vanity box and matching holdall, leaving me with the big suitcase. She strutted briskly toward the house while I struggled along in her wake. If I didn’t know better I would have sworn she’d packed bricks in the thing, it felt so heavy.
By the time I had panted up the back step and into the kitchen Marty and Immi were already air-kissing and ‘darling’-ing one another. I dropped the big heavy case and put the kettle on as Immi took Marty through to the lounge. Just before the door closed behind them I heard Dave shout some welcoming obscenities from his cage in the corner.
I’d barely had time to put the mugs on a tray when the door into the hall opened again and Immi bounced back into the kitchen.
“That bloody bird.” She whisked the tray of coffees from my hands.
“I’ll cover him back up if you like. He gets lonely and he enjoys company. At the brothel he had all the working girls to talk to him.”
Immi rolled her eyes. “I’ll strangle him if he doesn’t shut up.”
I followed Immi into the lounge. Marty was perched on a chair next to the window. She’d pushed up the sash and balanced her ashtray on the sill. Dave huffed up and down his perch, cackling and bobbing his head.
“Twenty-five quid for topless!” He gave a squawk of protest as I dodged his beak to put the cover back over his cage. He’d still shout but at least the noise would be muffled.
Immi passed a strong black coffee to Marty, who promptly produced a small tub of sweeteners from her bag and dropped three tablets into the mug.
(C) Nell Dixon 2009 Animal Instincts


Ms Menozzi said...

I just wanted to give Nell my best wishes on the new release. I don't really have any animal stories to share, but I can do this:

If you have a pet, please consider having it spayed or neutered.

If you're thinking about getting a pet, please consider adopting from your local animal shelter. Rescue animals - whether young or old - make wonderful companions.

I have a kitten named Sophie who was saved from a certain, ugly demise when a friend heard her mewing from inside a dumpster. She was only a couple of weeks old, and still needed her mother. Someone, rather than getting the mama cat fixed, had "disposed" of the babies this way.

Luckily, my friend is part of ENPA (the Italian version of the SPCA), and was able to nurse little "Soffio" through to health. She's now a rambunctious and occasionally manic part of my family, and she's much loved - and gives much love in return.

But if my friend hadn't heard that mewing? We'd never have known her.

There. I'm off my soapbox.

Congratulations, Nell - and all the best of luck with this new release!


Nell Dixon said...

Hi Kimberly, hugs, thank you for stopping by and that is such a sweet story. Animal Instincts is dedicated to all those people who give up their time to raise funds, do voluntary work and generally try to raise awareness and get better treatment for animals.

R F Long said...

Great excerpt Nell.

Oh, and I think Dave is well on the way to stardom. :)

Nell Dixon said...

Yes, Mr Nell thinks it's really funny that he's now immortalised as a parrot. Now if I can just persuade him to dress up as one for the book signing on Saturday...

Adelle Laudan said...

If you get him to dress up as a parrot, we want pics lol Congrats on the new release, Nell! I wish you a ton of sales.

Nell Dixon said...

Hi Adelle, great to see you here, I don't think I'll succeed although when he worked for M&S he did once dress as a chicken to promote the Christmas Turkeys.

Laura Hamby said...

LOLOLOLOL @ the notion of Mr. Nell dressed up as a parrot. I think he should do it, be a supportive spouse and all that jazz. And definitely, pictures are in order. ;)

Love the excerpts, Nell.


lara said...

I often read Julie's blog and she said why not come over and visit you? We just got a new puppy, not a rescue, but our older dog is....I have a brief tale to tell....A puppy is never alone when there is a shinny pedal bin in the kitchen, at least puppy thinks that way. Looking forward to the new book. Lara

Nell Dixon said...

Glad you're enjoying them, Laura.

Nell Dixon said...

Hi Lara, welcome, puppies are so funny aren't they?Mr Nell's Mum used to have a poodle that would wait till you'd finished any kind of alcoholic drink then she'd sneak off with the glass and balance it on her nose while she tried to lick out the insides. Rum and black was her favourite.