Friday, March 13, 2009

school victory

Those of you who stop by regularly will remember my rantette a little while ago about the Belle's school and the councils idea of having an academy.
Guess what... no go on guess.... why is not going to go ahead? What has the council discovered? Yes, they'd be expected to pay, huge large chunks of cash and why did the council want the academy in the first place? Yep, they have no money.
In other words they thought they'd get a fancy new building for free, never mind the upheavel the wishes of the pupils, parents, staff, houses around the site etc and now they've been told that actually it's not free - it's humungously expensive. Well, duh, did they think that creepy bloke came by those teeth and his orange tan cheaply?
So now they've managed to get back on the building schools for the future list under priority so it's watch this space - but for now all is well.
Now if we could just persuade the head teacher to stay we'd be popping champagne.

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