Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A you've been framed moment

Today I went to a place near Blackpool with a group of colleagues to look at a commercial site that might be interesting to us. We had a lovely, if chilly visit (the wind was blowing right off the sea) and then we set back. We'd hired a nice twenty five seater coach so there was lots of room and our driver pulled into Charnock services to get more diesel. As he opened the hydrolic lift up hatch to access the fuel cap there was an almighty clang and half of the panel hit the deck.
There we were, no tools, and a metal panel dragging on the floor. A friendly coach driver attacked it with pliers and a socket set to try and either get the arm to retract so we could fix the panel back or unhook it so we could take it off. Nothing - no joy.
Then one of our colleagues flagged down a man with a van full of tools.
'I can soon fix that for you' said he.
He went to the van and we heard the vroom vroom of a petrol driven motor and he hacked the panel off with a chain saw - grinding noises and sparks flying on the petrol station forecourt right next to a tank that had just been filled with diesel.
Hmmm, we left very quickly once the panel was in the boot.

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Judy Jarvie said...

Scary city! Enthusiastic man with a chainsaw alert!
Glad you got away safe and sound.