Sunday, March 08, 2009

Blog Party 7 - more excerpts and a new prize

Todays special guest is currently a long way away but is stopping by to offer a copy of the Farmer Needs A Wife. To be in with a chance to win just leave her a comment under this post.
Welcome to Janet Gover!
It's great to join in your party. I'm in Australia, and haven't had a chance to pick up Animal Instincts yet, but am looking forward to getting it when I get back to the UK.

I'm researching my next book while I'm here. Australia is full of fabulous people and places.. it's the greatest fun writing books set here. Here's an excerpt from The Farmer Needs A Wife – which was released here in Australia this week. It should give you a bit of an idea about why I keep coming back… both in real life and in my books.

(Donna is an Eglish schoolteacher on a working holiday in Australia. Her visa is about to run out, and she's facing the prospect of leaving the sunshine behind and returning to a cold, grey London winter.)

"Donna, I've found it."
"Found what?" Donna walked into the living room, where her flatmate had just arrived back from the local store with fresh croissants for their breakfast.
"The answer to your problem." Cathy always sounded enthusiastic about everything, but her voice seemed even more excited than usual.
"Which problem might that be?" Donna asked.
Cathy flung herself onto the couch and started digging inside a plastic shopping back that seemed far too big for breakfast for two. "You want to stay here, don't you? After your visa expires?"
"Of course I do," Donna dropped into an armchair opposite her friend. "I love it here. But I am not eligible for resident's status. You know that."
"You would be if you were married!" Cathy announced.
"That's true. But …"
"Ta da!" With a dramatic flourish, Cathy thrust an open magazine at Donna. "The answer to all your problems!"
'Farmers Looking for a Wife' the headline declared. Donna ran her eyes over the first few lines, then looked up at Cathy's expectant face. "You are kidding," she said.
"It's the perfect solution," Cathy insisted.
"No, it's not!" Donna wasn't going to let this continue. "I am not going to be a mail order bride for some outback farmer."
"They're not all from the outback," Cathy pointed out. "There's a very cute one who grows vegetables in the Brisbane valley."
"It's close to the coast. You'd be able to come and stay with us on weekends."
"With or without this mythical husband?" Donna chuckled. "I have to leave for work soon. Let's have breakfast."
"You'd be a cinch to catch a good one." Cathy carried the shopping bag into the kitchen behind her. "You're pretty. Great figure. Blue eyes. As for your hair – it's gorgeous! Everyone loves your accent. You're smart, too."
"I'm not interested." Donna flicked the power on the electric kettle and reached for the coffee mugs.
"You could send that great photo of you in the bikini on the beach. That would be sure to get an answer.
"I wouldn't send that one. It would give the wrong impression and anyway," Donna hurried on, "I'm not interested."
"You should be."
"How many times do I have to say no? Do you want honey or jam on your croissant?"
"Stop changing the subject," Cathy lay the open magazine on the table where they would be eating breakfast. "How about a cane farmer from Townsville?"
Donna laughed. "No!" Cathy could talk her into almost anything. But not this time.


Laura Hamby said...

Now I'm singing "The Farmer takes a Wife, the Farmer takes a Wife, high hoe the derry-oh! the Farmer takes a Wife."

Great excerpt. :D

Maddie Moon said...

Hi Janet and Nell!
Congratulations on the release, can't wait to read it.

Janet Gover said...

I laughed when I read your comment Laura.. that is exactly where the title came from. I sang it for days in my head while I was planning the book.

Sue aka MsCreativity said...

Hi Janet,
Fab excerpt!
Sue xx
who also has the song in her head now :D

Kate Hardy said...

Hi Janet and Nell!

And I agree - farmers are sexy *g* - well, hey, I'm married to one! (My ed nixed my reindeer farmer, but I sneaked in the reindeer.)

Me too on the song. "The dog wants a bone... we all pat the dog..." Everyone dreaded being picked as the dog!